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New Year Spirit Dolls Retreat Day

“Dolls are one of the symbolic treasures of the instinctual nature. For centuries humans have felt that dolls emanate both a holiness and mana – an awesome and compelling prescience which acts upon persons, changing them spiritually.  Dolls are believed to be infused with life by their makers.  They are used as markers of authority and talismans to remind one of one’s own power."—Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Spirit Doll Retreat
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Create Your Own New Year Spirit Doll. Tap into your intentions, hopes and wishes for 2018 and create a unique spirit doll to hold your vision and help you on your journey through the year. Guided meditation, journaling, abundance of materials and instructions provided. Join the magic and fun!  No previous experience required! 

“Dolls serve us as talismans...reminders of what we feel, but do not see, of something that is as it is, but we cannot see...the numen of a doll is here to remind us and to anticipate for us.” --Clarissa Pinkola Estes