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1 day Body Prismatic™: Creative Healing for the World

  • Lake Worth FL, 32904 United States (map)

1 day Body Prismatic™: Creative Healing for the World

A Soulful Creative Prayer!

Intutition Painting & Emotional Transformation Workshop
(No previous art experience required)

Sunday Oct. 22, 10am-5pm

With so much loss and sudden change happening around us - and in our own lives - it can feel as though we have little means to shift our energy and regain grounding and strength.  Through this workshop, we will redirect our heart heaviness from stagnation or sadness into prayers of light, communion, and tributes by painting powerfully with intention.  

In Body Prismatic: Painting Our Prayers for the World we will use the power of intention to channel our love, compassion and hope for the world through our bodies and onto the life-size paper.   Through a guided meditation you will discover the pose that allows you to bring your best intentions into the world.  We will trace out these poses as a blueprint for our powerful intentions.  Then, let your creative spirit soar in a judgement free zone as you find colors, shapes, doodles and images that allow you to transform fears and pain for the world into expressions of your highest intentions and actions. As our heart finds breathing room we often find renewed energy and passion for inspired actions.

No previous art experience required!
A portion of the proceeds of this event will be donated to a disaster relief charity.

What is The Body Prismatic™?

This feel-good creativity workshop is for those of us who love stepping out of routine, exploring our inner worlds , and letting ourselves lighten and get refreshed.

These happiness boosting sessions serve up:
***All the paint colors imaginable,
***Large body-length sheets of paper,
***A free space with no judgment, comparison, or critiques allowed
***Creative allies, Juicy Creatives founder Elise Crohn, and Montine Blank of Paint Awake to help you through any stuck places

How it Works

Choosing "awesome-power" poses and tracing our shadows, we outline our forms onto life-size paper.  This outline gives you a compelling place to start your creative journey.  After a little creativity coaching we use a series of prompts that inspire us to flow with shapes colors, words, doodles and oodles of paint to express our daring ourselves and our delicious dreams. Even if you have NEVER lifted a paint brush before you will find yourself swept into the momentum of free creative expression.

The Body Prismatic™ was designed in collaboration with the Intuitive Art Alliance founders Montine Blank, Elise Crohn, and Pam Hawkins.


1 day workshop
Sunday Oct. 22 10am-5pm

Pricing for Saturday & Sunday
$145 for 1 person
$225 for 2 People
Deposit holds your spot