We have arrived at the Holidays--the most "glittery" time of year!  I've been thinking a lot about glitter these days wondering, "what is it that we are reaching for when kids and adults alike spread glitter through their artwork."  My conclusion is this:  we crave a way to experience and express the NUMINOUS.  The word numinous derives fromNUMEN, "a spirit believed to inhabit an object or preside over a place".  I believe It is intimacy with our own "numen" or "spirit" and the numen in others and the natural world that is so often sacrificed in our fast paced world.  

When we finally make time to be with our own Spirit through creativity, regardless of skill, there are moments of being so immersed in the process that something NUMINOUS happens!  Moments of understanding without linear thought, beyond ego, where insight floods in like light through a stained glass window.  It is moments like this that a Soul needs to thrive and (pardon me), sparkle!