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Collaging Your Heroine's Journey Weekend Workshop

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Collaging your Heroine’s journey
A Weekend of Symbols, Imagery and Creativity For Women -- exploring, sharing and creating the Female Hero’s archetypal narrative journey.

Heroine's Journey Weekend Workshop - 2 people pay in full

Bring a friend and you each save $25 each on the tuition!

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Saturday, Nov. 11th 9:30am-4:30pm
Sunday, Nov. 12th 9:30am-4:30pm

LEARN through video, and a “teach-in” style presentation as we explore the similarities and differences between the archetypal masculine Hero’s Journey described by Joseph Campbell in his book Hero with a Thousand Faces and the archetypal feminine journey identified by Maureen Murdock in her book,     The Heroine’s Journey: A Women’s Quest for Wholeness.

GROW in clarity and understanding as you gain insight into your own personal Heroine’s Journey. 

CREATE a memorable depiction of your journey using symbols, imagery and intuitive creativity (no previous art experience required!) Participate in magical and profound creativity sessions where you will intuitively find images for the stages of your Heroine’s Journey and create a mythic map of your heroic path.

TRANSFORM stuck places, confusion and old wounds in your unique heroine's journey through insight provoking guided meditations, journal writing, and imaginative exercises designed to explore and heal specific stages.

SHARE -- with other women your struggles and victories and learn from each other in a sacred circle and in small groups. Participation in this workshop qualifies you for our ongoing Heroine’s Journey Circle, a monthly exploration.


So well thought out, organized and presented! This journey uncovered so many hidden jewels — I’m so glad I took it!!
Devoting an entire day to anything is very hard for me. I am so glad I did this was exactly what I needed in my present journey and it gave me a sense of direction.
This workshop allowed me to get a cleared visual understanding of my journey and embrace the difficulties as well as the gifts.
— Participants from the June Heroine's Journey workshop

Meet the Facilitators

Elise Crohn and Inez Andrews

About the Facilitators:

Elise Crohn is an Expressive Arts Facilitatorwith 20+ years experience leading healing art workshops.  She has completed a two year in-depth training in Expressive Arts and a 2 year post-graduate training in Jungian Sandplay Therapy.  Elise is founder of Juicy Creatives Studio in Lake Worth FL.

Inez Andrews studied transpersonal psychology and archetypal psychotherapy in Boulder, CO during the 80's earning her MA degree.  Then Journeyed to Africa, Kosovo, & Azerbaijan where she spent 20 years working in conflicted countries, recently 'retired', Inez has been combining her love of depth psychology with creativity as a SoulCollage® facilitator and creator of unique workshops for women. 

To reserve your spot and location information contact: • 904-377-3500