Body Prismatic™ Painting

A Brilliant Creative Experience!

This fantabalicious (new!) workshop for adults is a lively exploration into the colorful landscape of you, your fully charged "energy body", and your colorful inner world.  Let your creative spirit soar in a judgement free zone.  Come paint your super self with wild, joyful abandon to moving music beats.  No previous art experience required!

Recent Body Prismatic™ by Juicy Creatives with Grammy-nominee drummer Michael Moses!

What is The Body Prismatic™?

This feel-good creativity workshop is for those of us who love stepping out of routine, soaking up a good time, and letting ourselves lighten and get refreshed.

These happiness boosting sessions serve up:
***All the paint colors imaginable,
***Large body-length sheets of paper,
***A free space with no judgment, comparison, or critiques allowed
***A creative ally, Intuitive Arts Alliance and Juicy Creatives founder Elise Crohn, to help you through any stuck places

How it Works

Choosing "awesome-power" poses and tracing our shadows, we outline our forms onto life-size paper.  This outline gives you a compelling place to start your creative journey.  After a little creativity coaching we use a series of prompts that inspire us to flow with shapes colors, words, doodles and oodles of paint to express our daring ourselves and our delicious dreams. Even if you have NEVER lifted a paint brush before you will find yourself swept into the momentum of free creative expression.

The Body Prismatic™ was designed in collaboration with the Intuitive Art Alliance founders Montine Blank, Elise Crohn, and Pam Hawkins.

Transformational Intuitive Process Painting

An Exhilarating Creative Journey

Intuitive process painting is a deep dive into the freedom of pure expression.  As a creative modality painting often brings up the most fear in people with no training in the arts.  However, I am here to tell you that painting without training, a plan, or an agenda is truly ALLOWED and is flourishing here on planet Earth as it has been since the first cavewoman or man picked up a stick from a camp fire and drew shapes with it on the cave wall!   

I welcome you to come, venture in, apply paint to paper as a path to radical breakthrough, a path to awakening your artist soul, to opening your heart, to renewed vitality and purpose. Imagine staying in one single painting that can be multi layered, can shrink and grow, for multiple days! How can this be possible? In SourcePainting™ each hour of painting lays the groundwork for the next and layers of paint enrich your Soul they way layers of compost enrich the soil. 

You will learn to spontaneously follow your intuition and paint from your heart and soul with a table of luscious tempera paints, brushes of all sizes, plenty of white paper and lots of encouragement.  Together we will create a safe and sacred environment that supports you in listening to your intuition and facing the unknown in your creative journey not with fear but with curiosity.

This is not an art technique class and there will be no critiques or comparisons.  Classes and workshops focus on bringing out your own unique expression and intimacy with your imagination.  No previous art experience is expected or required. 

You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born.
— Rainier Marie Rilke