Art Journaling is a process of exploring your inner and outer world primarily with images and color as opposed to text alone in a standard diary or journal.  Art Journaling can be a way to de-stress and explore your inner life, outer world and creativity at the same time.  Art Journaling is the artist-of-life's sketchbook--a place to gather bits of imagery that moves and touches you, lines of poems or song that move you, and color and texture that lights your inner artist on fire! At Juicy Creatives Art Journaling involves creative prompts, lots of mixed media supplies (glitters,  stencils, envelopes, gesso, ribbons and tissue paper) and time for inner reflection through stream of consciousness writing and gathering of images intuitively.  It's always amazing to see what can be created in a short amount of time as the journal pages fill in unexpected ways.  Elise has developed an Art Journal Game -- a juicy mix of prompts and spontaneity that encourages creative exploration and inner awareness at the same time.  There is always time reserved at the end of each session to share and reflect what was created.