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The Truth Within: Create Your Own Collaged Tarot Deck

The tarot deck is a beautiful and fascinating system of symbols and a tool for accessing the deep wisdom you possess within yourself. Engaging with the tarot’s symbols naturally takes you within yourself, toward the source of deep truth and love inside. Tarot is an intuitive method, map of consciousness, pictorial language, and tool for spiritual awakening. 

Imagine what it will do for your understanding and appreciation of tarot when you create the cards for yourself. Look within. Use your intuition along with the Juicy Creatives Studio’s massive supply of pictures to create a 22-card Major Arcana deck that will be your very own. 

This 6-part program created by tarot coach Frank Kwiatkowski and creativity coach Elise Crohn is going to be wildly creative and tons of fun! It is for any level of tarot experience. When you are finished, you will have connected with the mystical archetypes of tarot’s 22 Major Arcana like never before and you’ll have your very own deck to use. 

This class is offered in a 6 week series, on Wednesdays from April 17th to May 22nd — choose either the afternoon session 12-4pm or the evening session 6-9:30pm.

 The class series includes:

•All art materials you will need to create a 22-card Majors Tarot deck – choose from round or rectangle deck design, 4 sizes in all to choose from!

•PDF’s for each of the major aracana cards offering key words, insights and energies that will help you make the card.

•Six 3-Hour sessions amongst like-minded tarot seekers and creators, supported by intuitive artist Elise Crohn and tarot coach and teacher Frank Kwiatkowski.

•A PDF book of tarot instruction, spreads, and information at the program’s conclusion

•One makeup session/extended open studio time on a Saturday  towards the end of the program.

If you love using tarot and have always wanted the opportunity to create your own images for the Fool, Magician, Wheel of Fortune, Priestess, and all the rest, this is a program you will not want to miss.
Creating the deck yourself brings you to direct understanding and knowledge of the archetypal energies of each card in a fresh dynamic way!

Cost of the series is $333. Space is very limited so please reserve your spot as soon as possible. We look forward to creating with you!

Elise and Frank

Here is an excerpt from Frank’s blog that can help you understand the intuitive fun and sheer creative adventure this class is going to be:

”Imagine your own Fool. Here’s the one I created a few weeks ago:

IMG_5070 2.jpg

It’s nothing like the Rider Waite deck, or any others I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure! And that’s exactly the point. I wanted something whimsical, child-like, fun, even a little crazy. These are the energies of card #0, the Fool, and what I put into the creation of this card. What do you think?

Here’s the one I made of The High Priestess, Major Arcana #2:


Yes, that is one very big eye! I chose the image because I was so blown away by it. My intuition said, yes! I have to have that image on my Priestess card! Whenever I use my deck and draw this card I will always be reminded of the deep intuitive truths I have within me. That little box on the bottom right of the card is a reflective surface, a tiny mirror that will tell me to LOOK WITHIN MYSELF”

Deposit, 6 week Create Your Own Tarot 4pm- 8pm

Full class series is $333, your $111 deposit holds your spot, balance of $222 is due on or before the first class.

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About Your Facilitators:

Your Tarot Life Coach, Frank Kwiatkowski

Your Tarot Life Coach, Frank Kwiatkowski

Frank Kwiatkowski

Frank Kwiatkowski is a certified professional life coach and author of Rise & Shine: A Guide for Experiencing Your Midlife Awakening.
At the age of 40 he discovered an intuitive gift for tarot, which he’s been using as a personal awakening tool since. He assists others to awaken to the source of truth, wisdom, and love within them through an innovative combination of tarot with life coaching. He also enjoys mentoring others in developing a personal tarot practice of their own. |
He writes about the process of awakening and tarot on his website,

Your Creativity Coach, Elise Crohn

Your Creativity Coach, Elise Crohn

Elise Crohn

Elise Crohn is an Expressive Arts Facilitator with 25+ years experience leading healing art workshops.  She is a self-taught artist and a deeply trained facilitator of creative processes that lead to transformation and healing. A life-long learner, she holds a Humanities degree in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Communities and has completed a two year in-depth training in Expressive Arts and a 2 year post-graduate training in Jungian Sandplay Therapy. 
Elise is founder of Juicy Creatives Studio in Lake Worth FL where she builds healing creative community with classes and workshops that explore art as healing self-expression that is good for Soul.