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Advanced SoulCollage® + Collage Open Studio

Advanced SoulCollage® Session
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Sunday April 9th will be a special afternoon for SoulCollagers if you are working on creating your deck and just want more uninterrupted time to create OR if you have a deck in progress and would like to understand more of what all your cards mean and how they fit together.  

At Sundays workshop you can choose to:

  1. Make more cards in an open studio environment with all the tools and supplies of the studio on hand. Get playful with your card creation by choosing from the bowl of Intentional SoulCollage® prompts!
  2. Discover the Depth hidden in you SoulCollage® deck!  Spend some time with your deck sorting your cards into suits, and arranging them to find the patterns hidden with your deck that can lead to key insights about your history, personality and new paths for growth and development. Learn a special writing prompt that will help you discern the Committee Cards from the Council cards. Learn an Art Journal page layout that helps you record and explore the meaning of each card.
  3. Choose from several layouts to do your own card reading with your deck to answer questions about your life path and decisions.
  4. Learn a 4 step process that will help you decipher the meaning of those "mystery" cards in our decks -- the cards that defy understanding!

Take home handouts will be provided so you can continue the lifelong journey of understanding yourself and your SoulCollage® deck at home!

Two experienced facilitators will be on hand, Elise Crohn and Inez Andrews, to help you create a deeper understanding with your deck!