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SoulCollage® + Art Journaling

  • Friends Quaker Meeting House 823 N A St Lake Worth, FL, 33460 United States (map)
Introduction to SoulCollage®
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Art Journaling Afternoon
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Full Day SoulCollage® + Art Journaling
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SoulCollage® + Art Journaling
A Day of Symbols, Imagery, and creativity!No previous art training or experience is required! Tap into your own unique and surprising imagery through collage, writing prompts and easy art processes that make your SoulCollage® cards and art journal pages come alive! 

In the morning dive into the SoulCollage® process. If you are brand new to SoulCollage® come to the introduction from 9am-10am and meet our newest certified SoulCollage® facilitator Inez Beard Andrews! Learn all the basics of the intuitive, fun and insightful SoulCollage® process. Create your own deck of 5”X8” collaged cards and discover the relationships between your personality parts, your community and your dreams, symbols, and Spirt. New and experienced SoulCollagers will have all morning to create cards in the piles of imagery with assistance and encouragement from Elise and Inez.

In the afternoon join Elise to begin or continue your journey in Juicy Art Journaling. Art Journaling is a process of exploring your inner and outer world primarily with images and color as opposed to text alone in a standard diary or journal. You will learn many different ways to fearlessly create journal pages AND how to follow your intuition into the land of your own wild imagination! Learn how to explore the multi layered meaning of the symbols and images you are attracted to and experience how to work with your SoulCollage® cards in your Art Journal to explore answers to your life’s big questions!

The Quaker Meeting House823 N A St Lake Worth, FL 33460

May 23rd 9am-5pm

9am-10am Introduction to SoulCollage® with Elise Crohn and Inez Andrews
10am-12:30 SoulCollage® open studio
1:00-5:00 Art Journaling intro and exploration with Elise Crohn

How Much:
$75 for whole day, or
$30 SoulCollage morning
$60 Art Journaling afternoon

To reserve your spot or Ask questions contact • 904-377-3500

A Juicy Creatives Studio production - 
Where art is nectar for the soul! 

About SoulCollage® --

SoulCollage® is a gentle, creative way to explore yourself and gain surprisingly deep insight into your life purpose, challenges, and gifts. You will learn to intuitively create 5"X8" SoulCollage® cards with glue, scissors, magazine images and personal photographs that represent and explore different aspects of self. These cards become a "deck" that tells the story of you, one facet at a time, which then becomes a tool, much like a divination deck, you can use to gain access to YOUR inner source of wisdom. In this workshop you will begin your personal, meaningful deck and leave with at least one card and learn a journaling/sharing technique that will help you explore the wisdom of your cards.  
SoulCollage® was developed by Seena Frost author of the book SoulCollage® Evolving. There are now over 1000 trained SoulCollage® facilitators all over the world.
"The intention of SoulCollage is to offer a creative practice for exploring, healing and evolving our many-faceted Souls so every Soul is able to manifest its unique SoulEssence in increasingly balanced and joy-filled forms." ~ Seena Frost 

About Art Journaling®--

Art Journaling is a process of exploring your inner and outer world primarily with images and color as opposed to text alone in a standard diary or journal. Art Journaling can be a way to de-stress and explore your inner life, outer world and creativity at the same time. Art Journaling is the artist-of-life's sketchbook--a place to gather bits of imagery that moves and touches you, lines of poems or song that move you, and color and texture that lights your inner artist on fire! At Juicy Creatives Art Journaling involves creative prompts, lots of mixed media supplies (glitters, stencils, envelopes, gesso, ribbons and tissue paper) and time for inner reflection through stream of consciousness writing and gathering of images intuitively. It's always amazing to see what can be created in a short amount of time as the journal pages fill in unexpected ways.  
Elise, founder of Juicy Creatives has developed an Art Journal Game -- a juicy mix of prompts and spontaneity that encourages creative exploration and inner awareness at the same time. There is always time reserved at the end of each session to share and reflect what was created.

About The facilitators:
Elise Crohn-- 
Elise is an Expressive Arts Facilitator with 20+ years experience leading healing art classes and workshops around the country. She has completed a two year in depth training in Expressive Arts in 2000 and a 2 year post-graduate training in Jungian Sandplay Therapy in 2013. And is a certified Soulcollage®, Source Painting® and Mari® mandala facilitator. Elise is founder/owner of Juicy Creatives Studio in Lake Worth FL and also directs a Healing Art Program at a Substance abuse and mental health treatment center in Delray beach.

Inez andrews--
At this Workshop we welcome inez andrews the newest certified soulcollage® facilitator in FL! She studied transpersonal psychology and archetypal psychotherapy in Boulder, CO during the 80's. Then Journeyed to Africa, Kosovo, & Azerbaijan where she spent 20 years working in conflicted countries. recently 'retired', Inez has been combining her love of depth psychlogy with creativity and, became a SoulCollage® facilitator in April this year.