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Private Creative Retreats

Personal MARI® Mandala Retreat
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Personal MARI® Mandala
Creative Retreats

In this 3 hour relaxing and insightful retreat you will draw a mandala using your intuition and imagination as well as choose a number of pre-drawn colors and symbols from a deck of cards. Together your mandala and chosen symbols begin to reveal an insightful picture of the totality of your psyche including inner strengths, areas of growth and sources of inner guidance.  Elise, a certified Mari® practitioner will help you gain insight from your color and symbol choices by charting them on a map of evolutionary consciousness and discussing with you the path of your unique psyche through life.  

To integrate this experience Elise gently guides you through an intuitive collage/painting process that will help you anchor your insights leading to real transformation and personal growth..

Learn more about the Mari® process here.
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Private creativity sessions with Elise:
Mentor your Imagination and solve problems through Expressive Arts. 

Private Creativity Sessions with Elise

Each session includes all art materials and lasts approximately 1.5hours. 

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In a private session with Elise you will have a chance to talk about your concerns, struggles and stuck places as well as your joys and strengths.  The discussion helps clarify an area to explore using any of the Expressive Arts modalities in the studio including Source Painting®,  Soulcollage®, art journaling, clay or sandtray play.  Elise creates a free and protected studio environment that helps you easily journey into your own imagination, a place beyond words and the linear mind, where unique solutions and a renewed perspective can be found.

Mentorships and private coaching are also available in Source Painting®.  These sessions are designed to help you find, and keep, your creative painting flow as you dive into the refreshing depths of your Soul and Psyche with paint brush in hand. You will learn to solve your own creative blocks, go deeper with your painting process and hear the subtle and powerful messages of your Soul's imagery.

As gentle guide and witness Elise helps you see that whatever is created during the session is an honored guest.  As honored guest, your images, stories, collages, paintings and santdtrays often have a special message if you get to know them further through dialoging, silent witness, or bringing into another medium.  In the serious play of the Expressive Art Studio your Soul begins to speak and your Heart begins to listen.  

Sandtray Sessions with Elise:  Sparking Creativity, Personal Growth and Spiritual Development through symbolic play

Individual Sandtray Journey

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.

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Sandtray is a 3-dimensional intuitive collage process.   Choosing from 100’s of miniature figurines of people, animals, landscape features, and everyday object you create “a world”, your inner world, in a tabletop tray of sand.   This process allows your soul and your unconscious to speak to you in 3 dimensions before your very eyes.

As children we worked out our frustrations and challenges and understanding of the world through just this sort of symbolic free play.  Giving yourself time and support to “play again” as an adult is like hitting the “re-start” button.  As you gain access to intuitive wisdom through symbolic play you find a new level of Wholeness that enlivens your Spirit and all your relationships.  

Description of a sandtray journey:

With soft soothing music in the background, you look around the studio and see shelves filled with hundreds of miniature figurines.  You see animals, people of all types, spiritual figures, miniature objects from cars, to fences, to mirrors as well as baskets of natural objects—sticks, stones, shells, feathers.  In the center of the room you find a table holding a beautiful, large tray of sand next to a pitcher of water. 

You are invited to select whatever figures and natural objects call to you and create a world in the tray of the sand.  You are shown that when you move the sand away from the bottom of the tray it is blue, emulating water. Elise reminds you that you can’t do it wrong, because this is a world that only you can create—as you move the sand creating a landscape, using the water to wet the sand if you desire, and find different creatures, people and objects to live in this landscape you begin to SERIOUSLY play.  You enter the non-verbal, non-linear world where the Intuitive mind can give you a fresh perspective and intriguing solutions. 

One of the key ingredients that makes this process so powerful and transformative is the free and protected space Elise holds as witness for your journey into imagination and your Inner Self.  Being witnessed on the journey is the fulcrum upon which real lasting evolution towards a higher degree of Wholeness can take