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Mini Shrine and Mini-SoulCollage® Deck Workshop

Join Jana Newton and Elise Crohn in a fun mixed media workshop to create a mini-shrine box from Altoid tins or a variety of other small boxes available at the studio.  Our inspiring mixed-media expert, Jana Newton, will bring all her tools, tricks and embellishments to turn an ordinary tin into an extraordinary sacred vessel for your SoulCollage® deck (P.S. you can also use this as a shrine for something else besides SoulCollage® cards).  All materials included but you may want to bring special symbols, beads, trinkets to add to your piece.  Meet/discuss with Elise beforehand to decide how you want your mini-deck printed--there are many options.  The workshop includes making miniature copies of your cards which you can then have laminated later at your own expense.  Photographing your deck and professional printing can be arranged through Elise before or after the workshop at an extra cost.

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