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EXPRESSING FROM THE CORE: Source Painting™ and Gyrokinesis

Imagine the perfect alchemy of movement and art making: an opportunity to free your body and reanimate your creative spirit! With Elise Crohn founder of Juicy Creatives, Source Painting™ facilitator and Elissa Van Poznak artist, writer and certified Gyrokinesis® instructor.

In this uniquely juicy collaboration, we’ll harness the gentle yet powerfully deep spinal motions and breath-work of Gyrokinesis® movement to awaken the senses, open the channels and get the creative juices flowing.

In easy to follow movement sequences, we’ll spiral and undulate with our bodies natural rhythms activating our physical body and creative mind with fresh energy!

From this expanded and fully revitalized place, we’ll dive into the
transformational magic of intuitive painting.

Source Painting™ is a path to radical breakthrough and self-knowing,
where you can learn to trust your impulses and paint spontaneously from
your core in a judgement-free zone.Your playground is a table of luscious
tempera paints, brushes of all sizes, plenty of white paper and your
unbridled imagination. Ceremony, journaling, and intuitive movement will be used to dialog with your paintings to discover what messages your Soul has for you. If inspired, you can take it 3D, creating an altar, shrine, found object assemblage or sculpture. The sky’s the limit once your creative mojo is unleashed! Together we will create a safe and sacred environment that supports you in discovering your innermost truths and facing the unknown in your creative journey. With curiosity, courage and delight.  

Read more about Source Painting™ here and here on Juicy Creatives Website.

No previous painting or movement experience is necessary.

In this workshop you can learn and experience:

  • The meta-skill of being a creative person; how to “be with” yourself when creating in full bliss or when negotiating the breakthrough places.
  • How to deal with your inner critic and move forward in creative processes.
  • How to go beyond a planned process and enter into true spontaneous, intuitive creativity.
  • How to embody and dialog with your intuitive creative output to find the deeper message their Soul is trying to communicate.
  • How to acknowledge, enjoy and appreciate the results of your movement and art process while being witnessed and supported by a community of fellow

About the guest co-facilitator:

Elissa Van Poznak has been guiding students as a certified Gyrokinesis® and Gyrotonic® teacher since 2003.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida and Hawaii with over 20 years experience in bodywork, yoga and meditation.  In 2012 she qualified as a Taketina Rhythm Process Facilitator.  

About Gyrokinesis®:

Gyrokinesis® is infinitely adaptable, safe and can be effectively practiced by those with very limited range of motion and elite movers simultaneously within the same class. It combines low-impact elements of yoga, chi gung,

self-massage and dance. While energizing, it also promotes deep relaxation and a sense of wellbeing and expansion. Since Gyrokinesis® can now be found in virtually every major city in the world, participants will have the opportunity to carry on what, to many, is a life-altering and very healing movement practice.                                                                

Through the Gyrokinesis® experience participants will:

Elissa leading a gyrokinesis class at Camp Juicy!

  •  be able to take home a simple Gyrokinesis® sequence to practice anytime, anywhere. All they will need is a stool and between 20- 50 minutes
  • literally ’lose their minds.’ Gyrokinesis® can immediately transport participants out of busy’ beta’ brain into the slower/calmer Alpha and even Theta state; the optimal brain wave states for effortless creativity.
  • be able to identify habitual holding patterns in their bodies likely to correspond to ‘bound’ places in their psyche. These places mayhold imaginal keys for their creative process and provide powerful artistic fodder for the workshops; healing what has been stored and forgotten.
  • experience the benefit of a regular movement practice in order to create from an more connected, embodied place which may mitigate chronic posture patterns.